About STELLA-Dataviewer

The STELLA Dataviewer is a way to display and perform some basic analysis of the data collected by STELLA instruments. It currently works with STELLA version Q, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 and must be used with the Chrome browser.

Opening page

In order to connect your device you must have a USB cable plugged in to your computer. Before you plug that USB into your STELLA you should turn your STELLA on and allow it to boot. Only after the STELLA has booted should you plug it in.  Then click on connect_device.

In order to upload a file you must take the SD card out of the STELLA. Using an SD reader plug it in to your computer. The SD card will mount as drive and the data you collected from the STELLA will be stored as a .csv file.  

Connect Device

Once the STELLA and computer are connected via USB click connect_device. A small window will appear with the name of microprocessor in your STELLA. Highlight it and click connect. By default the real-time data screen will display, graphing the raw and numerical data. You can turn displays on and off by clicking them. 

Upload File

Click upload_file, select the .csv file of STELLA data and open. The default data display will show a graph of your raw data. In order to use the indices and reflectance displays you must select a calibration batch from the current .csv or click the “+” sign to add a calibration .csv file (ideal for use with the green “sample and average” mode data). Current STELLA field calibration protocols are here